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Do you like:

  • Parties?
  • Organizing events?
  • Getting everything ready?
  • Having deep conversations during a party?
  • Drinking loads of alcohol and doing drugs?

In this game you will do NONE of those things.

Best cleaning simulator available!

Clean your house before the time runs out (parents' arrival). Make sure your parents don't see the mess from your awesome party.

You can:
- Run around aimlessly
- Throw stuff in the trash
- Put dishes in the dish washer
- Get rid of drunk guests
- Optional: Fall through the ground because of missing colliders


  • [W][S][A][D] Move
  • [Mouse movement] Look
  • [Left click] Pick up/Drop object
  • [Right click] Use Leaf Blower (if held)
  • [Space] Jump
  • [Shift] Run

The more GUESTS you have, the worse it is (this is a Ludum Dare 40 game!)

The more the guests, the better the party, right? WRONG, you have to clean up after them.

Guests make a mess. They bring booze, drugs, chickens or even a Java book to your party. They pass out and are not helpful when you need to clean.

Thankfully, you can get rid of them in a convenient way.

Who did this atrocity?


PartyHouse_64b.zip 37 MB
PartyHouse_32b.zip 35 MB

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